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Marketing has never been this effective.

Did you know Unimarketa can target custom tailored messages to people using over 1 million data points? From basic demographics like age and job title to nitty-gritty, even somewhat creepy, data points like males in Chicago who play soccer, are high credit card spenders, listen to Taylor Swift and are currently traveling. Crazy, right? 

Marketing used to be about putting a lot of money into a broad message to try to reach everybody. Now it’s about making hundreds of micro-messages to reach micro-audiences. Unimarketa has proven that when micro-messaging is done the right way, our clients achieve the highest ROI with the lowest customer acquisition costs. It doesn’t matter if we recommend Facebook Dark Posts, Snapchat filters, Youtube influencer marketing, or technical SEO such as structured data mark-up, the best part of the marketing solutions clients receive from Unimarketa is that you can track every dime you spend.  

Spend your money on increasing goals instead of platforms

Marketing is not how many people clicked on something or how many likes you have on your Facebook page because metrics like those don’t pay the bills.  We’re talking about leads that actually grow your business.  If the only thing your marketing firm is reporting to you is likes, impressions, and clicks, then you’re getting only 50% of what you’re paying for.

Real digital marketing results directly in a customer’s action. Impressions and clicks are called KPI (key performance indicators) for a reason—they let you know if your marketing efforts are truly working and headed in the right direction. KPIs do not qualify as a job well done, and they don’t pay the bills—leads and converted customers do. We partner and educate our clients to use these very KPIs to hold us accountable. Our success is solely determined by yours.

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